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Coastal Cleaning Services provides your property with the best clean in town so you can enjoy a happier, healthier environment.

How’s Your Curb Appeal?

A dirty home, streaky windows, and cement full of marks and stains is not the home you want to come home to everyday. Nor is that the place where you and your employees can work most productively. What do your neighbors and customers think about your property if it's full of stains? If you’re serious about presenting the best version of your property and feeling proud of how it looks, Coastal Cleaning Services has the cleaning expertise to make your property shine.

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Our employees are continually trained in the latest technology, chemicals, equipment, and safety — so you get the peace of mind knowing your property is getting top-notch exterior cleaning. As well as making homes and businesses look their best, we strive to make our communities better. By sharing our knowledge and educating others, we hope to build a cleaner, better community in southern Alabama and southern Mississippi.

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Soft Washing

Has this pollen season made your home less than desirable? Are you frustrated the impression your business gives to your customers and competitors? At Coastal Cleaning Services, soft washing is our specialty. Our soft wash system is safe on both hard and soft surfaces, such as stucco and vinyl. We use special low pressure combined with chemicals that remove all biological elements, without leaving a scratch on your property. Give us a call today and schedule your soft washing appointment — or if it's your neighbor who's dirty home is making your entire neighborhood look bad, tell them to call us!


Safely washes off algae, dirt, and pollen without damaging your home


Disinfectant solution makes your property safer and healthier


Make your home look as good as it did when it was freshly built

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Cement Cleaning

Has your cement seen better days? If so, chances are it hasn’t been cleaned in years. A driveway or sidewalk covered in stains, marks and germs will make your entire home or business look much dirtier than it really is. If you’re serious about making the best first impression possible and feeling proud of your home, reach out to Coastal Cleaning Services using the buttons below and tell us about your cement cleaning needs. Our cement cleaning experts are ready to help give you and your property the best curb appeal on your block!


Removes years worth of germs, dirt, and algae so your concrete shines


Eliminates soils and contaminants to limit the risk of slips and falls


Gives your home or business the curb appeal you've been wishing for

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Window Cleaning

Nothing says an unkempt home or business like streaky, stained windows. Not only are they unappealing to everyone on the outside, but they are a distraction for everyone inside your property. And if you’ve tried to to clean your windows yourself, chances are they lacked that professional looking shine and sparkle you see from the pros. When you want windows so clean they’ll glisten in the sun, trust the experts at Coastal Cleaning Services to bring your windows back to life.


Save time and energy by having experts clean for professional results


Enjoy more natural light shining through your windows


Experience streak-free, sparkling windows that enhance the look of your property

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They are professionals that do great work at a reasonable price. You will not regret using them.

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Why Your Neighbors Trust Coastal Cleaning Services

Coastal Cleaning Services is an industry-leader in home and commercial exterior cleaning services. We serve both residential and commercial clients throughout southern Alabama and Mississippi. We’ve partnered with one of the largest chemical development companies in the U.S., keeping us on the cutting edge of technology in cleaning for soft washing, window cleaning, and cement cleaning. This ensures you get the safest, most cost-effective, and professional service. You’ll find our employees courteous and ready to assist you with your specific needs. Don’t take it from us ... read what our customers have to say!

Our Story: We started out as an auto-detailing service trained in chemicals and surface areas. When our neighbors throughout South Mississippi and Alabama asked us to use our solutions for their home or business — and we fell in love with exterior cleaning. Nothing makes use feel better than giving your home or business a professional clean, so you feel pride about how your property looks once again. That’s the success we aim for with every single cleaning project that we do.

Treat your property to the best clean in town and get in touch with us by tapping on one of the buttons below:

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